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Crawfish Bisque Recipe Tops Festive February Soups

Easy Crawfish Bisque recipe makes great one-pot dinner perfect for Super-Bowl Sunday, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras or just one a cold night. With Louisiana crawfish, sweet potatoes, molasses, curry and seasonings, this crawfish soup tops easy crawfish recipes.

Top Three Crawfish Recipes of 2017

Easy crawfish recipes top the 2017 best crawfish recipes list. Crawfish Etouffee, Crawfish King Cake and Crawfish cakes--all healthy crawfish recipes made with Louisiana crawfish.

Can You Freeze Crawfish Tails To Make Easy Crawfish Recipes?

Can you freeze crawfish tails to make my healthy crawfish recipes? Yes! Freezing crawfish is the way to go to enjoy crawfish tails year round. During crawfish season, stock up on the tails to make my easy crawfish recipes and best of all they are healthy crawfish recipes. Remember to always look for Louisiana crawfish!

Easy Crawfish Pumpkin Soup: Halloween Party Recipe Served in Pumpkin

Easy Crawfish Pumpkin Soup makes creamy healthy crawfish recipe. Perfect for Halloween, serve delicious easy crawfish pumpkin soup in a hollowed out pumpkin. Also, a diabetic crawfish recipe!

Tailgating with #1 Favorite Football Hot Crawfish Dip

Looking for a football favorite tailgating easy crawfish recipe? Try this winning Hot crawfish dip recipe that's a healthy crawfish recipe and the best Louisiana crawfish recipe ever.

Craving Cajun Crawfish Nachos Recipe

Cajun Crawfish Nachos Recipe with Louisiana crawfish and southwestern seasonings smothered with cheese make the best crawfish appetizer and easy crawfish recipe

Crawfish Remoulade Perfect Summer Recipe

Crawfish remoulade recipe for best healthy remoulade sauce and makes great crawfish salad. This is one of my easy crawfish recipes and a healthy crawfish recipe! Louisiana crawfish recipes are the best!

Crawfish Burgers

Ever had crawfish burgers? Turn my famous crawfish cakes recipes into scrumptious crawfish burgers recipe for a healthy Louisiana crawfish recipe that's also an easy crawfish recipe.

How to Make A Healthy Crawfish Etouffee

So excited to share with you my Crawfish Etouffee recipe that's easy, healthy and even diabetic-friendly. This has become everyone's favorite go-to recipe and once you taste it, it will be your Crawfish Etouffee favorite recipe too.