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Celebrate Mardi Gras with Crawfish King Cake

Wait until you try my crescent roll king cake made with Louisiana crawfish! This Louisiana Crawfish Cake with a creamy crawfish filling, crusty crescent rolls and topped with Mardi Gras Colored cheese is the talk of Mardi Gras! Simple and savory - a new Louisiana crawfish sensation.

Crawfish Appetizer Recipes: Low Carb Nachos with Crawfish

Looking for low carb and gluten free nachos? My easy Crawfish Nachos with Bell Peppers make a colorful, tasty and healthy nacho recipe that's hard to resist. Think about substituting Louisiana crawfish in your favorite recipes to create easy crawfish recipes you love to eat!

Three BEST Easy Crawfish Dip Recipes Perfect for Tailgating Menus

I've got the best Louisiana crawfish tailgating recipes to add to your Tailgating menu! My top Crawfish Dip recipes are easy, healthy and mouthwatering delicious. Try my simple Louisiana crawfish recipes for your football party menu.

Craving Cajun Crawfish Nachos Recipe

Cajun Crawfish Nachos Recipe with Louisiana crawfish and southwestern seasonings smothered with cheese make the best crawfish appetizer and easy crawfish recipe

Crawfish Remoulade Perfect Summer Recipe

Crawfish remoulade recipe for best healthy remoulade sauce and makes great crawfish salad. This is one of my easy crawfish recipes and a healthy crawfish recipe! Louisiana crawfish recipes are the best!

Seriously GOOD! My Louisiana Crawfish King Cake Recipe Knocks It Out of the Park!!!

Louisiana Crawfish King Cake Recipe makes best king cake you ever tasted. Made with Crescent roll for simple dough with creamy, cheesy crawfish filling topped with Parmesan cheese in Mardi Gras colors. Think of this as Louisiana Crawfish Crescent Roll King Cake Recipe.