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Get Kids To Eat Crawfish

Crawfish Tic Tac Toe Grilled Cheese Sandwich makes a fun and creative activity to introduce your kids to Louisiana crawfish. Use leftover crawfish from a boil or crawfish tails from a bag. Fun in the kitchen and you'll be surprised how the kids love to eat their own creation.

Leftover Crawfish Tails Recipes

You get perfectly seasoned Louisiana crawfish tails when they're leftover crawfish from crawfish boils. Use these tails in recipes like Crawfish Remoulade, Crawfish Potato Salad and Crawfish Cakes.

Celebrate Mardi Gras with Crawfish King Cake

Wait until you try my crescent roll king cake made with Louisiana crawfish! This Louisiana Crawfish Cake with a creamy crawfish filling, crusty crescent rolls and topped with Mardi Gras Colored cheese is the talk of Mardi Gras! Simple and savory - a new Louisiana crawfish sensation.

Three Best 2018 Crawfish Recipes To Wow You

Best crawfish recipes for 2018 that are easy crawfish recipes and healthy crawfish recipes! Doesn't get better than that for crawfish king cake, crawfish fettuccine and crawfish potato salad. Can't wait for you to add these to your menu.

3 Favorite Low Carb Crawfish Recipes

I have three easy low carb crawfish recipes that will quickly become your favorite Louisiana crawfish recipes. My low carb Crawfish Etouffee whips up quickly. Wait until you taste my Crawfish Spinach dip perfect for gatherings or fall football. If you're a salad person, doesn't get any better than my Crawfish Remoulade for a low carb salad option.

Summer Crawfish Recipes

You looking for cold crawfish recipes for hot days? I have the best and easy summer crawfish recipes. My Crawfish burger and Crawfish Potato Salad might be the most popular recipes for Louisiana crawfish. Healthy crawfish recipes for quick summer dinners.

What Do You Put in Your Crawfish Boil?

When its crawfish season what do you put in your crawfish boil? Most people include corn, potatoes and garlic but the selection is endless! Try adding your favorite vegetables to your next Louisiana crawfish boil for a delicious, simple one pot meal.

Top Three Crawfish Recipes of 2017

Easy crawfish recipes top the 2017 best crawfish recipes list. Crawfish Etouffee, Crawfish King Cake and Crawfish cakes--all healthy crawfish recipes made with Louisiana crawfish.

Can You Freeze Crawfish Tails To Make Easy Crawfish Recipes?

Can you freeze crawfish tails to make my healthy crawfish recipes? Yes! Freezing crawfish is the way to go to enjoy crawfish tails year round. During crawfish season, stock up on the tails to make my easy crawfish recipes and best of all they are healthy crawfish recipes. Remember to always look for Louisiana crawfish!