Holly's Recipes

Crawfish Enchiladas

Easy crawfish recipes begin with Crawfish Enchiladas for the best southwestern seafood enchilada recipe. These Crawfish Enchiladas from my trim& TERRIFIC Louisiana cookbook are healthy, tasty and easy to make!

Crawfish Creole

Crawfish Creole recipe is one of my favorite easy crawfish recipes for dinner. Love cooking with Louisiana crawfish tails.

Simple Crawfish Sausage Ratatouille

Summer is perfect for my simple crawfish sausage ratatouille recipe for a healthy crawfish recipe.

Speedy Crawfish Jambalaya

Speedy Louisiana Crawfish Jambalaya recipe with 5 ingredients and flavorful healthy Cajun jambalaya to make wherever you live.

Crawfish King Cake Recipe

Best king cake recipe is my Louisiana crawfish king cake made with Louisiana crawfish for savory Mardi Gras Stuffed Crawfish King Cake dinner or snack.

Crawfish Pizza

Nothing beats quick pizza recipes! Wait until you try my healthy pizza topping with Louisiana crawfish and fresh ingredients for best crawfish recipe for fast meal. Great last minute easy Louisiana crawfish recipe.

Crawfish Etouffee

My Louisiana Crawfish Etouffee recipe is a wonderful Cajun crawfish recipe without all the fat - easy to make and healthier to eat!

Crawfish Fettuccine

Crawfish Fettuccine a great Cajun recipe made with Louisiana crawfish tails for an easy healthy pasta recipe

Crawfish Cakes with Horseradish Sauce

Looking for a great Cajun recipe? Try Crawfish Cakes with Louisiana crawfish tails! Move over Crab Cakes as you have crawfish competition!