Holly's Recipes

Crawfish Cornbread and Wild Rice Dressing

Best crawfish cornbread dressing combining wild rice, cornbread and Louisiana crawfish for best Louisiana crawfish recipe. Maybe a Cajun dressing?

Crawfish Potato Salad Recipe

Hard to beat my simple and healthy recipe for the BEST Cajun Crawfish Boil Potato Salad made from leftover crawfish from a Louisiana crawfish boil.

Easy Crawfish Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Easy crawfish recipe with around 5 ingredients for delicious Crawfish Pumpkin Soup recipe . This easy healthy crawfish recipe for a creamy, snappy soup is a diabetic Crawfish Pumpkin Soup recipe that everyone loves.

Crawfish Remoulade

If you like Shrimp Remoulade, wait until you try this easy Louisiana crawfish recipe for Crawifsh Remoulade. A healthy remoulade that's simple to make!

Quick Crawfish and Corn Soup

Try this simple, amazing and easy crawfish corn soup made with Louisiana Crawfish in this quick and so simple easy crawfish bisque style healthy recipe - one-pot meal